Flashing the Boards

All Platforms

First, install the Python Firmware Uploader with pip:

$ pip install pyfwup

Linux and macOS may require either pip install --user, or sudo.

Challenges with generally have a firmware .bin file to be flashed to the device. To flash a firmware file, start with the device unplugged, then use the following command:

$ microprog <bin_filename>

The program will prompt for you to plug the device into your USB port. Plug your device in, wait for flashing to complete, and you're done!


On Windows the process has an extra step for only the first time. After flashing the board, you'll need to use Zadig to install libusb-win32 for the programmed device again. Steps 2-5 in Setting up the Environment describe this process, though Zadig may report a name other than "Unknown Device #1".